What the Hell is This?

I am starting Abject Books to publish and review relevant poetry from living people, starting with an Anthology of several unknown poets.

I don’t have a particular theme in mind, but if, in my search for poems, a relevant or unique one emerges or presents itself – I may go in that direction.

I’d like to cultivate and inspire a broader interest in poetry among others. I don’t understand why such a potentially vital form of reaching people has fallen out of public use and interest so badly.

Even one of my favorite movies, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, has one of its beloved main characters totally trashing some guy who will probably want to play Phish records and subject two beautiful young women to his awful poetry.

I like Phish. I like Poetry. I can also totally relate to Kumar here. There seems to be very little good poetry around; there seems to be very little interest in good poetry. The two are symptoms and causes of themselves.

There is a major flaw many regular people who write poetry share: we don’t read any! Most of us stopped reading poetry after we stopped school. In school we probably read some seriously old poetry.

What does poetry mean today? What SHOULD poetry mean today? Who do we even look up to as modern poets? The answer for the average person is the lonely sound of crickets…

The "Chirping" Crickets

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