Our Fearless Leader

A Chinese junk ship with his rigging deployed.

Abject Books is owned by a vaguely Caucasian man somewhere around twenty/thirty-ish. He was born in the US, but spends his time sailing international waters in a Chinese junk he bought for a dollar off of a dying wise man. The man’s last words were a warning that it would never again be sea worthy, leaving Our Fearless Leader no choice but spend the rest of his earthly days in oceanic defiance.

He is a tall, dark, and handsome stranger – even to those who know him best. He runs Abject Books like an underground political movement, not because there is anything wrong with his mission, but because it is just the organizational structure that suits his idiom. We all know who we report to, and what to do, but nobody is really sure who is with us or against us out there in the cold, cruel world. Nobody really knows how many of us there are out there, alone, in the stark wilderness of the poetic subconscious.

All we can really say for sure is that poetry submissions are being accepted now. We offer no guarantees, but an opportunity for mindless submission for the especially mindful…

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