Self Hating Poets

Why does he even write this poem if he actually considers it to be so “lame?” I’m not knocking poetry about self-hate, the theme actually yields some very interesting and illuminating truths. I’m referring to poets who hate poetry itself, yet they write it. Why would they hate something that they do? Why would they do something that they hate?

Well, it seems to me that what self hating poets really hate is bad poetry.¬† I, myself, find a lot of poetry is bad, even unreadable. I end up just shaking my head at it and wanting to ask the poet “who cares, what are trying to tell me?” Back in the day, if you wanted to write poetry you used big words, strict rhyme and meter schemes, probably references to Greek myths. At the tail end of this era, one of my favorite poets, Walt Whitman, actually had to self publish. Thank God for poetry that he happened to be a printer! Now if you chose to use these formerly lauded methods you would be likely be snickered at and ignored at your local coffee house poetry slam. I’ve read submission guidelines for literary and poetry journals that range from gently urging you to not submit rhymed and metered poetry, right to refusing to consider it altogether.

Rules, rules, rules.

If you hate poetry, or you and other people think your bad at it, rejoice! Fifty years from now whatever is considered bad will probably be the ideal. I am putting together an Anthology of poems that do not conform to anybody’s idea of good but my own, regardless of any established views. I am now taking submissions. Click on “Abject Books” to check out the main page.

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