Poetry Submissions

I am looking for poetry submissions  for an Anthology, which will be the first title for Abject Books. It will be an eBook offered on Amazon, Smashwords, and others. If all goes well, I might eventually look into physical editions.Poetry Books

I have no stylistic guidelines.

I have no thematic guidelines.

I have no sweeping decrees to make whatsoever, besides asking for pieces that are interesting. By this I mean pieces that would be interesting to other people. Can you submit a piece about your cat? Sure, but I’m not going to be interested in reading about how cute it is, and neither is anybody else — we all know that cats are cute! War poems? We know lots of people die and it’s bad, it would need to say something different or say it in a new way.¬† Love poems? Love can be great/awful, but what else?

I will ask for shorter poems, at this point, because I wish to feature as many different things as possible.

Some guidance: Consider work that would be interesting or gripping to someone who is not already into poetry. I’m not aiming to serve a small niche, but trying to appeal to people that may not already be interested.

Poetry Submissions can be emailed to: abjectbooks@gmail.com

I would prefer .doc (Word 2003-2007) format attachments with “submission” in the subject line. A short bio and some contact information would be great. I will also accept .odt (openoffice and others). You can download OpenOffice for free at OpenOffice.org, or LibreOffice at LibreOffice.org.

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